About us

Our history, our tradition

Dovarese Island is an ancient village in the province of Cremona, nestled along the Oglio River which marks the border with the province of Mantua.

Its peculiar name undoubtedly sparks curiosity: in ancient documents it was referred to as "Insulae". Located on a small drop-shaped terrace jutting out into the Oglio riverbed, the waters that surround it for three quarters of its perimeter make this settlement look like an island, hence the name.

The suffix "Dovarese" stems from the Dovara family who ruled the village from 1190, when they obtained the territory from the Municipality of Cremona, including the Church of Santa Maria di Isola. In 1495, Isola Dovarese came under the rule of Gian Francesco Gonzaga through "spontaneous dedication".

The distinctiveness of Isola Dovarese, its social fabric and its associative tradition are the cornerstone of the longevity and success of a highly active local association. This association is responsible for much-loved and highly participated events, and it can count on a large number of volunteers who dedicate their energy, time and ideas to the success of these events every year.

The main goal of the Pro Loco association of Isola Dovarese is to organize events that keep alive the community spirit, the desire to have fun together and the joy of constantly coming up with new events that attract visitors to this small village with great potential.

The association was founded in 1980 and its board of directors is re-elected every 3 years. The current president for the 2021-2023 term is Katiuscia Ruggeri.

The association's constant collaboration with local entities such as the Municipality and the Municipal Library is significant, as is the collaboration with the Parish of San Nicolò and other associations like Auser, Avis, Gruppo Sportivo Isolano, Banda Leopoldo Vecchi and the four districts of the village.