Bike touring

Bicycle Touring Routes along the Oglio River

Bike routes

along the banks of the River Oglio

The proposed cycle paths are a way to get to know and appreciate this area where, scattered in the countryside, cities and towns tell stories full of great architecture and excellent painting. Each location has its own extraordinary heritage: a heritage often unknown to most and inserted in the context of a quality of life that ranges from artistic craftsmanship to gastronomic tradition.

It is an alternative way to practice tourism and it is also the only one that allows the authentic discovery of the reality, both common and diversified, of the Lombard Po Valley provinces.

Download the map of 16km route - Download the map of 24km route

Explore the routes

Border Landscapes

between the rivers Oglio and Chiese

The Gastronaut's presentation:

I have known this area for more than fifteen years and every time I return to this countryside between the provinces of Mantua, Brescia and Cremona, the idea that it is a true gastronomic area, a melting pot of culture and good food often cloaked in fog, consolidates in me.

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