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23 Feb 2024

Santa Maria del Carmine Church

The smallest place of worship in Isola Dovarese is not, however, without its interesting references. It is remembered as a lazaretto, as it was a place of refuge for those suffering from the numerous pandemics that developed in the area due to the unhealthy air and the presence of swamps. It became part of the group of Carmelite religious institutions in the 17th century, when the statue of the Black Madonna, which is still preserved today, was placed there.

23 Feb 2024

“Three Martyrs” Bridge or Old Bridge

Construction dating back to the very early twentieth century, it came as a replacement for a pontoon bridge. The construction site remained open from 1895 to 1902 and was directed by S.N.O.S. (Società Nazionale Officine Savignano). The bridge remained in operation until the mid-1960s, when it was joined by a new one that was more functional to the increased traffic on the highway. It was also the scene of the tragic shooting of three young islanders Cesare Meda, Giuseppe Piazza […]

23 Feb 2024

Church of San Nicolò

Slightly secluded from the actual center of the village, it remains secluded beyond the vault and overlooks what was once the Main Street. The exterior appearance of the building, as sober as ever, is the result, as is the interior, of a continuous reworking of the structure to meet the demographic growth that has affected the village in past centuries. The current result is the fruit of the last major overhaul in the mid-eighteenth century of a building undoubtedly present […]